Target IRR: 15-17%

Estimated Total Project Cost: $25,000,000

Real Estate Acquisitions and Development

The Fund will acquire, develop, operate, and lease temperature-controlled real estate and critical infrastructure assets that extend produce shelf life and help maintain an optimal temperature range for fresh perishable commodities.


These assets include coolers, cold storage facilities, produce processing facilities, consolidation and distribution centers in California, Arizona, Texas, and other key fresh produce markets. The Fund will acquire and reposition existing assets, as well as complete the greenfield development of state-of-the-art facilities.


The Sponsor aims to leverage synergies among acquired companies and real assets to enhance operating efficiencies, broaden market reach, and drive revenue growth and profitability.

Value-Add Strategy

The Fund recognizes the critical importance of maintaining freshness and quality in perishable commodities. By investing in temperature-controlled real estate and infrastructure assets, the Fund aims to significantly extend the shelf life of produce and ensure that it reaches consumers in optimal condition.

This focus on quality not only meets consumer expectations but also reduces food waste throughout the supply chain, contributing to sustainability goals and maximizing the value of each harvest.