Private Equity

PHT can look beyond public markets and traditional investments to find solutions in Private Equity Investments.

PHT Growth Fund LP

Private Equity Fund

 PHT is launching our private equity fund, PHT Growth Fund LP, to acquire and redevelop Industrial pre-cooling and cold storage facilities in California and Arizona with a nationwide expansion strategy.

The Key Characteristics of

Private Equity Investments

Higher return potential than traditional investments
Uncorrelation to the stock market and increased portfolio diversification
Strong income
Longer lock-up periods and reduced liquidity
Often complex investment structures and risk-return profiles
Traditionally available to institutional and accredited investors, along with higher minimum investment requirements

Asset Classes

PHT Investment Group funds are based on three main asset classes:

PHT Investment Group

Management Team

PHT Investment Group Private Equity partners have skilled management teams to help build and grow great companies. Our success is built on a highly rigorous approach using deep industry expertise in conjunction with our business turnaround strategy.

PHT Investment Fund Assets

GIC Salinas Campus, LLC

Fund I

The Redevelopment of an Iconic 28-Acre Commercial Precooling and Warehouse Cooler Campus.

Continue Cold Storage Acquisition and Redevelopment

Fund II

PHT Opportunity Fund LP will acquire and redevelop a diversified portfolio of Cold Storage facilities.

Pre-Cooling/Cooling Equipment Acquisition, Leasing & Financing

Fund III

PHT Opportunity Fund III will acquire, lease and finance specialized pre-cooling equipment.

Micro-Grid Alternative Energy Solutions     ——

Fund IV

PHT Opportunity Fund LP will focus on the alternative and renewable energy side of the fresh produce space.

Material Handling and Automation Technology Platform

Fund V

PHT Opportunity Fund LP will focus on material handling and automation technology platform.

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