PHT Growth Fund

A diversified portfolio of transformational post-harvest cold chain investments supporting the movement of fresh produce from field to table

PHT Investment Group launched PHT Growth Fund to invest equity or equity-related funds into a diversified portfolio of real assets in temperature-controlled food supply chains.

The Fund is structured as a Limited Partnership, and comprises pre-cooling, cold storage, food processing, distribution and related services and activities that maintain a given temperature range for fresh produce and other perishable food items.

The Sponsor intends to complement each projects’ energy needs with off-grid renewable power production (primarily through solar PV, cogeneration & backup battery storage).

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Specialized Pre-Cooling Equipment Acquisition, Leasing and Financing

PHT will acquire, lease and finance a diversified portfolio of industrial Pre-Cooling equipment and specialized machinery required for the post-harvest handling of fresh produce. These assets serve as critical infrastructure for stakeholders throughout the first mile of the fresh produce supply chain, and are key to extending shelf life and maximizing product quality.

Pre-Cooling is an essential step in the process of delivering fresh vegetables and produce from seed to table. It refers to the rapid removal of field heat shortly after the harvest of a crop

This critical step extends the shelf life of fresh produce, expands the markets, and significantly reduces food waste and spoilage


PHT will enter into long-term leases for Pre-Cooling Equipment sales, leasing and financing. Revenue will be based on lease income and maintenance service agreements

VACUUM TUBE HYDRO (VT-12) Precooling Equipment

Target IRR: 15-17%

Estimated Total Project Cost: $25,000,000

Net Zero

Microgrid Alternative Energy Solutions

PHT Growth Fund will invest in alternative and renewable energy assets powering our fresh produce cold storage facilities. Emphasis will be on solar PV, cogeneration and backup battery storage controlled by on-site microgrids.

Material Handling and Automation Technology Platform

PHT Growth Fund will invest in automation and material handling equipment within our cold storage warehouses. Focus will be placed on Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), robotics, and cutting-edge racking systems to streamline operations and handle produce more efficiently and precisely within our warehouses.


Operating Company Acquisition and Roll-Up Strategy

PHT will execute a targeted M&A roll-up strategy. We will identify and acquire operating businesses that expand our company footprint, add new business lines and product offerings, and help us achieve scale at a national level.

Acquisition targets range from 3PL, pre-cooling service providers, cold storage operators, manufacturing companies, engineering and design firms, and other businesses operating across the temperature-controlled food supply chain.