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PHT Growth Fund LP

The Fund will execute a targeted M&A roll-up strategy. We will identify and acquire operating companies specializing in post-harvest handling, pre-cooling, cold storage, transportation, distribution, manufacturing, engineering and logistics in order to enhance our operational capabilities, expand our company footprint, add new business lines, and help us achieve scale at a national level.

Our roll-up strategy will enable us to create a vertically-integrated operating platform specializing in the post-harvest infrastructure sector, and allow us to achieve economies of scale, market influence, cross-selling opportunities, and increased profitability.

Target IRR: 22-24%

Target MOIC: 2.00-2.50x

Value-Add Strategy

PHT is committed to an aggressive growth trajectory through a meticulous M&A roll-up strategy. Our approach is laser-focused on identifying and acquiring synergistic operating businesses that will increase our market share, diversify our portfolio with new service lines, and bolster product offerings. These strategic acquisitions are a key part of our roadmap to achieve expansive scale and a commanding national footprint.

We seek to partner with companies that align with our core values and operational excellence, specifically targeting sectors such as Third-Party Logistics (3PL), pre-cooling service providers, cold storage facility operators, and equipment manufacturing firms. Additionally, our growth roadmap includes roll-ups of top-tier engineering and design firms to help foster innovative solutions across the temperature-controlled food supply chain.

Our acquisition targets are carefully vetted to ensure they complement our existing capabilities and infrastructure. By integrating 3PL providers, we aim to enhance our distribution network, improve logistics and transportation services, and offer comprehensive end-to-end supply chain solutions to our customers. Through pre-cooling solutions providers, we can offer increased product freshness and shelf life as well as enhanced food safety and security. Lastly, bolt-on acquisitions of manufacturing, engineering and design firms will drive innovation across our pre-cooling equipment product line while helping us build state-of-the-art facilities.


Our goal is not just to grow, but to create the largest vertically integrated company across the temperature-controlled food supply chain. We envision PHT as a beacon of excellence, leading the way in operational efficiency, product integrity, and customer satisfaction.

We believe that through targeted bolt-on acquisitions, PHT can unlock new opportunities, foster innovation, and deliver sustained value to our shareholders and customers alike.