PHT Investment Group Projects
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PHT Growth Fund LP

PHT Growth Fund will invest in automation and material handling equipment within our temperature-controlled facilities. Specifically, we will utilize Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), which is designed to optimize warehouse space, reduce energy consumption, and significantly increase the shelf life and freshness of produce stored in our warehouses.

Value-Add Strategy

In addition, we will invest in technology and robotics in order to cut down on labor and handle produce more efficiently and precisely within the warehouses. These include, but are not limited to, Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), robotic case picking, and high-tech racking systems. These solutions are engineered to maximize vertical space and facilitate rapid access to inventory, enabling high density-storage and streamlining warehouse operations. This not only improves storage capacity, but also allows for quick retrieval – a crucial step in maintaining integrity throughout the cold chain.

At PHT, we are not just adopting technology; we are setting new standards for the industry. By building technologically-advanced fresh produce cold storage facilities, we are ensuring our clients receive the best in freshness, quality, and service.