22 | April, 2020 | Les Shaver, Globe St.

How Opportunity Zones Can Give Shelter to CRE Investors During the Coronavirus

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With Opportunity Zones, like everything else, people are wondering how COVID-19 will change its business case. At first, Blake Christian, partner at Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP, was worried that the pandemic would ruin the program as developers stopped doing projects. Blake E. Christian has been a practicing CPA for 39 years. In that time, he hasn’t seen a tax provision program as flexible and powerful as Opportunity Zones.

“It’s like a Roth IRA and a 1031 [exchange] combined, but way more flexible,” Christian says. But lately, he’s reconsidered his initial concerns. The sell-off in the stock has given investors gains that they need to reinvest. Opportunity Zones are a logical target for them.  Read more…