Fund I – A New Infrastructure Project Designed To Support The California Agriculture Industry

Fund I is a diversified fund with the purpose of acquiring and developing industrial Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage, and Food Processing facilities in California and Arizona. In addition to our flagship 28-Acre GIC Salinas Campus redevelopment, we will acquire and develop additional temperature-controlled warehouses in our target markets.

To invest in Fund I, please download the Pitch Deck and PPM below:

Acquisition & Redevelopment of an iconic

28-Acre Commercial Pre-Cooling, Cooler & Processing Campus

PHT will acquire, redevelop, operate and lease a 28-Acre industrial Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage, and Processing campus located in Salinas, CA. Our new state-of-the-art facilities will leverage renewable energy, automation, and enhanced truck flow to maximize throughput and improve produce shelf life.

Our objective upon completion is to have over 450K SF of cold storage space, 4 different coolers, and a 48K SF office building for the tenants.

The new state-of-the-art facilities will utilize renewable energy, automation, material handling and racking systems, and redesigned truck flow to extend produce shelf life, reduce operating costs, prioritize food safety, and maximize throughput.

We are designing for throughput volume of 130M units per annum – an increase of over 4x existing conditions.

– Site Area: 28.397 AC (1,236,973 SF)

– MAX FAR: .50 or 618,486 SF

– Existing SF: 337,984 SF

the future

28-Acre Campus Master Plan