Fund I – A New Infrastructure Project Designed To Support The California Agriculture Industry

Fund I is a diversified fund with the purpose of acquiring and developing industrial Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage, and Processing facilities in California and Arizona.

Investment Strategy

As leaders in the acquisition, development and operation of Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage and Processing facilities, PHT has developed Fund I to acquire, develop and lease a portfolio of temperature-controlled facilities for the fresh produce industry. 

We look for opportunities to disrupt, improve, and drive efficiency along the fresh produce supply chain. Our team identifies projects with high barriers to entry, weak or non-existent competition, and opportunities to leverage technology in stagnant markets and processes.

Pending Legislation HR 970 Opportunity Zones by PHT Opportunity Fund

Our Projects

The first project in Fund I will be our flagship 28-Acre GIC Salinas Campus Redevelopment.

portfolio project #1

GIC Salinas Campus Redevelopment

The Redevelopment of our iconic 28-Acre Commercial Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage & Processing Campus

PHT will acquire, redevelop, operate, and lease a 28-Acre Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage and Processing campus located in Salinas, California. As the anchor project in the Salinas Cooler Portfolio, our 28-Acre campus is shovel ready and will be the first property developed.

Our new state-of-the-art facility will employ renewable energy, automation, and enhanced truck flow to maximize throughput and minimize costs.

There are currently four separate coolers:

  • Cooler 1: 49,126 sq. ft.          
  • Cooler 2: 38,012 sq. ft.             
  • Cooler 3: 57,433 sq. ft.
  • Cooler 4: 63,026 sq. ft.

Existing Conditions

Project Details

Upon completion, our new 28-Acre Campus will feature the following:

  • Located in Salinas, CA right off Highway 101
  • 357,000 SF temperature-controlled building including 125,000 SF of cold storage and a 199,000 SF processing facility including office space, raw product space, and cooler for processing
  • 500,000+ SF of solar PV-lined shade bay protecting incoming product from the elements
  • 500+ POV spots and 50 long-haul truck parking stalls
  • On-site microgrid system with solar, cogeneration and battery backup
  • Food and beverage venues
  • Designing for throughput volume of 66M units and 340 million pounds of raw product per annum – an increase of over 2x existing conditions
Opening for

The 2026 Season

We are building the most technologically-advanced Pre-Cooling and Cold Storage facility in the nation.

GIC Salinas Campus will be the only facility of its kind to leverage renewable energy, automation, intelligent temperature monitoring, solar-lined shade bay, and enhanced truck flow.

Our design will ensure that the cold chain is never broken, prioritizing food safety, extending shelf life, and significantly improving product quality.



existing conditions

– Site Area: 28.35 AC (1,234,926 SF)

– MAX FAR: .50 or 618,486 SF

– Existing SF: 337,984 SF


the future

28-Acre Campus Master Plan

Through Fund 1, PHT will also acquire and develop the following projects:


Acquisition and Development of 10 Acres into a Pre-Cooling and Cold Storage facility in Yuma, AZ


Acquisition and Development of 150 Acres (Parcels A, B, and D) located within the Salinas Ag-Industrial Center in Salinas, CA

Along with these projects, we will seek to acquire and develop other projects in our pipeline, including:


Acquisition and Development of 73 Acres located within the Heavenly Valley Ranch Development in Gonzales, CA


Development of a state-of-the-art Consolidation Center / Cross-Dock facility for a Major Food Distributor in Salinas or Yuma