Fund I – Acquisition & Development of Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage, and Processing Facilities

PHT Growth Fund I is a multiple asset fund with the purpose of acquiring and developing pre-cooling and cold storage facilities in Salinas Valley, California, as well as nationwide and abroad.

Acquisition & Redevelopment of an iconic

28-Acre Commercial Precooling Campus

For more than 80 years this 28-acre campus has been a major fixture in Monterey County in the pre-cooling and cold storage industry. From the first wagonload of lettuce in 1916 until today, the Salad Bowl of the World has been the Major Producer of many fruits and vegetables consumed around the country and the world. 

– Site Area: 28.397 AC (1,236,973 SF)

– MAX FAR: .50 or 618,486 SF

– Existing SF: 337,984 SF

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the future

28-Acre Campus Master Plan

































Acquisition & Development of

36 Acres (Parcel C) on Salinas Ag-Industrial Center

The Salinas Ag-Industrial Center is the last large acreage available for development in Salinas. This property is designed to promote new and relocating agricultural-related industries and innovation for Salinas.

Concurrent with our 28-Acre Campus Redevelopment, we will acquire and develop 36 Acres (Parcel C) of the Salinas Ag-Industrial Center.

Once this property is developed, our existing tenants on the 28-Acre Campus will relocate to this new pre-cooling, cooler and processing facility.

PHT Growth Fund will develop the 36 Acres (Parcel C) in two phases. We will build no less than 400,000 Sq Ft of Pre-Cooling and Cooler space with 90,000 Sq Ft designated for value-add/processing.

36-Acre Parcel C Site Plan

Design layout for Phase 1 and Phase 2 continues

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