We seek to generate superior returns by leveraging our operating expertise and focusing on our core real estate capabilities – development, financing, leasing, and property and facilities management.

Our Goal

PHT Investment Group

As a national leader in Post-Harvest pre-cooling and cold storage facilities, we own and operate iconic properties in the industry’s most vital markets. Our portfolio includes industrial, office, logistics, manufacturing and triple net lease across the top fresh produce markets in California and Arizona, with plans to expand across the country.

Our goal is to generate stable and growing distributions for our investors while protecting them against downside risk. Our assets are diversified by sector and geography, reducing exposure to movement in any single market and minimizing volatility.

Real Estate

Real estate has evolved into a multi-faceted asset class spanning the public and private markets. Investors can choose between public and private real estate investment trusts (REITs), private real estate transactions, and private commercial real estate debt. Institutional and individual investors have historically benefited by investing in privately owned real estate, with benefits ranging from superior income returns, diversification, and strong overall risk-adjusted returns.

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Owning private real estate means investing in individual properties or through a pooled investment vehicle available to individual investors but not listed on a stock exchange. Since it is not publicly traded, private real estate is not subject to the stock market volatility responsible for much of the fluctuation in share prices of publicly owned real estate. In addition, private real estate investments usually do not provide liquidity in the same manner as public real estate, leading investors to expect higher returns or what’s also known as an “illiquidity premium”. Lastly, real estate not only has a low correlation with equities but is often viewed as a hedge against inflation.

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With over 85 years of experience in fresh produce, we have established ourselves as innovators and visionaries in the Post-Harvest side of the agriculture industry.

The team at PHT is constantly challenging the status-quo – driving innovation in the fresh produce Pre-Cooling and cold storage industry through cutting-edge technology and specialized Agriculture equipment.

Our industry-leading pre-cooling equipment provides growers with significantly extended shelf life, and ensures the freshness that consumers demand on a daily basis.

With 12 different product lines, we have cemented our position in the market as the leading manufacturing company for groundbreaking, post-harvest equipment in the AgTech industry.

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Infrastructure assets lay the foundation for essential goods and services, comprising the energy, power, transport, water and utilities sectors. Portfolio allocations to infrastructure have grown significantly in recent years, and this trend is expected to accelerate in the coming years as the benefits of investing in infrastructure assets are increasingly recognized. There is a significant need for new infrastructure in both developed and developing economies, and the need for private capital to replace aging infrastructure or fund new projects will continue to persist. This asset class offers long-term, stable and predictable cash flows in mission critical industries.

PHT is an established manager of infrastructure investments, bringing a breadth of insight that spans the energy, power, transport, and utilities sectors. We are owners and operators of key infrastructure assets that lay the foundation for essential goods and services.

Any investment PHT makes requires a strong emphasis on social and sustainable infrastructure, with an eye towards projects that do not diminish the social, economic, and environmental processes necessary to drive our world forward. Our focus on sustainability is crucial not only in the fight against climate change, but also to bolster green economic growth in mission critical industries.

PHT leverages renewable energy across a diverse spectrum of solar, hydro, cogeneration, microgrids, and battery storage.

We are the industry leading pre-cooling and cooling 3PL provider to grower shippers in Salinas Valley, CA and Imperial Valley, CA, and our rigorous quality control procedures and food safety standards provide customers with superior produce cooling solutions.

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As the largest commercial cooling operation on the West Coast, PHT leads the fresh produce industry in Pre-Cooling, Cold Storage, and produce handling.

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