PHT Investment Group

Supporting the movement of fresh produce from field to table through post-harvest cold chain investments

PHT Investment Group is an alternative investment firm specializing in the post-harvest infrastructure sector

One-third of all food produced for human consumption is lost due to spoilage, in large part due to outdated infrastructure and improper post-harvest handling. Our mission is to combine investments in cold storage, infrastructure, and logistics in order to transform the fresh produce supply chain and help eliminate food waste. Through our unique platform, PHT Investment Group will acquire, operate and develop a diversified portfolio of income producing companies and critical infrastructure assets required to maximize the shelf life and quality of fresh produce and other perishable food items.







Our Focus

We invest in three key verticals within the post-harvest supply chain:

Investment Platform

Investors can invest in this asset class through our diversified fund,
PHT Growth Fund LP

PHT Growth Fund

We launched PHT Growth Fund to invest into a diversified portfolio of operating companies and cold chain infrastructure assets across strategic locations, such as key growing regions, ports and logistics hubs.

Current Projects include:


Operating Company Roll Up Strategy


Engineering and Manufacturing of Specialized
Pre-Cooling Equipment for Sales, Leasing and Financing


Real Estate Acquisitions and Development

Investment Focus

PHT Investment Group raises capital from accredited investors to invest into operating companies and real assets that help maintain a given temperature range for fresh produce and other perishable food items.

We structure investments to maximize value creation across all verticals in the post-harvest supply chain sector. From cold storage facilities, distribution centers and specialized pre-cooling equipment to manufacturing and logistics, we aim to transform the fresh produce industry by investing in critical infrastructure required to move fresh produce from field to table quickly, safely, and securely.

PHT’s investment platform provides the first opportunity for investors to gain exposure to this mission-critical asset class.

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